National Clinical Performance Indicators (NCPI)

In light of changing clinical demands and services, national clinical performance indicators for ambulance services were developed to provide a focus on clinical indicators as an alternative to indicators based primarily on response times. The NCPI programme has been running since 2007 and as a Trust we submit data so that a national report on the progress on the national clinical performance indicators can be produced for four clinical areas: Asthma, Hypoglycaemia, Paediatric Care and Trauma Care.

Cycle 11 and 12 reports are available in the table below:

National CPI title


Cycle 11

Date Audit Performed

Cycle 12

Date Audit Performed


June 2013

December 2013


July 2013

January 2014

Single limb fracture

August 2013

February 2014

Febrile convulsion

September 2013

March 2014

The Clinical Governance Team and Clinical Leads, utilise the NCPI data, to develop the NWAS quality improvement programme and NWAS CPIs. Areas of improvement are identified and action plans are implemented to try and improve compliance to specific aspects of care.

Cycle 13 and 14 NCPI programme clinical areas are: Asthma, Trauma Care, Paediatric Care and Elderly Falls.