The Francis Report - Our Pledge

National Reviews on the Quality of Care - the NWAS response

The Francis and Keogh reports both highlight issues that are relevant to all providers of health care, and whilst the emphasis in both reports has been on doctors and nurses, the recommendations apply equally to all staff involved in delivering care to patients and communities.

After reading the Francis report, a member of our staff told colleagues that she is determined to make sure that she does something, every day, to make things better for patients. It is the role of the Board of Directors to help her, and all of our staff, to achieve this.

Our pledge is to deliver the right care for our patients as illustrated below. You will see these commitments reflected in our plans and actions for this year, and the years ahead. Underpinning our pledge and commitments is the training and development of everyone in the North West Ambulance Service, including the Board of Directors.

We have already made a great deal of progress in improving the quality of our services. The Francis and Keogh reports have emphasised the need to do more.

Our Pledge

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