Facts and Figures

North West MapNWAS:

  • Covers an area of over 5,400 square miles with a population of over seven million people
  • Employs over 4,900 staff
  • Accounts for 16% of all national activity (999)
  • Has an annual income of £252 million
  • Has three emergency control centres and two patient transport control centres and two North West NHS 111 Contact Centres
  • Is, along with Urgent Care and OOH partners, the largest provider of the NHS 111 nationally - in terms of calls received and area covered
  • Triages over 1 million NHS 111 calls a year
  • Has over 1,000 emergency and non-emergency vehicles operate in the region
  • Receives over 1.1 million emergency calls each year
  • Emergency crews attend over 952,000 incidents each year
  • Makes in excess of 1 million patient transport journeys each year.