Zahid Chauhan - Non Executive Director

Zahid Chauhan - Non Executive Director

Non Executive Director Zahid Chauhan

Dr. Chauhan is passionate about improving health, education and social care services by driving innovation, improving efficiency and creating opportunities for the local communities. His main areas of expertise are clinical and corporate governance, innovative business development by stakeholder engagement.

Dr. Chauhan is a general practitioner and elected councillor in North West. He has served as a deputy chair of Health and wellbeing board in Oldham.

He is currently Non-Executive Director for BARDOC and chairs the Governance Committee. He is on the board of governors of local schools in Oldham.  

Dr Chauhan represents United Kingdom on the Committee of region in European Union where he is involved in  ensuring that  Britian's view is well represented.

He is currently Chair of Oldham care and support. He is leading the organisation to move ethical care agenda forward with innovative ways of working. He is leading several community projects in Oldham to empower local communities’ particularly underprivileged sections of the local communities. 

He is actively involved in charity work with various charities.