Our strategy, vision and values

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Download the full 2018-2023 strategy document here.

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Our vision is to be the best ambulance service in the UK.

Our strategic goal is to deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place; every time.

Right care,

Right time,

Right place;

Every time

delivering quality services which are safe, effective and patient-centred

responding quickly to patients who contact our emergency and urgent care services, and use our transport service

providing patients with advice and treatment closer to home where clinically appropriate to prevent unnecessary hospital attendances and admissions

focusing on every patient and our commitment to continuously drive down variation in our performance, working in partnership with health and care providers locally so that no patient is needlessly waiting for help

Our priorities:


Ensure our services are:

  • Safe: protecting our patients from avoidable harm
  • Effective: reducing unwarranted variation in treatment and outcomes
  • Patient-centred: providing the best experience for patients and staff 


  • Provide patients with the right response, first time and attend to life-threatening emergencies as quickly as possible, by achieving the national Ambulance Response Programme (ARP) performance standards
  • Answer calls as quickly as possible, both for emergency services, 111 and the Patient Transport Service (PTS), by achieving the national standards


  • Provide the right care to more patients over the telephone (hear and treat) and face-to-face while on scene (see and treat) where appropriate
  • Reduce the number of patients taken to Emergency Departments (ED) by treating them on scene or transporting them to a more suitable healthcare provider
  • Support the introduction of 111 Online and direct booking of appointments


  • Empower staff by developing leadership skills and expertise
  • Develop our workforce through increased access to training and development opportunities
  • Engage with our workforce with a focus on increasing the staff health and wellbeing offer and achieving equality for all

To support these priorities, we will:

  • Provide our staff with access to digital technologies and accurate, timely information to improve ways of working and continue to develop our premises to ensure safe and suitable workplaces
  • Continue to develop our fleet of vehicles so they will meet future requirements, reducing carbon emissions and the impact on the environment
  • Ensure risks are managed and lessons are learned if things go wrong
  • Work with partners to promote healthy living to keep people well


Our Shared Values

Our values form the foundation of and drive the whole organisation, ensuring we lead by example and create the right culture and conditions for patients to receive safe care every time.

Working TogetherCompassionImproving Lives

RespectEveryone CountsQuality