A day in the life of a Volunteer Car Driver

The day actually started the evening before when I got the run list email from NWAS headquarters and I started planning my day. I put all the runs into my satnav and then extracted the times from that to help plan my journeys. I also google street viewed destinations I hadn’t been to before so I knew what to expect when I arrived. Where phone numbers are available I usually call passengers to let them know what time I expect to pick them up on the day.

On the day I left home at 7am to pick up a passenger a couple of miles away to go to their appointment at 9am. During the journey the passenger was quite chatty. Once at the hospital we found the department and I let the passenger know that I’d be waiting to take him home. After about an hour’s wait we made a traffic free journey home. He thanked me very kindly at the end of the journey.

I had a bit of a gap then before my next run, and home was only about half a mile off the route, so I went home for an early lunch.

Next, to take a lady to an appointment in Blackpool. She was pleased that I’d phoned her and that I’d arrived when I said I would. We arrived at the hospital about 12 minutes early and she thanked me for a nice smooth ride. She was a regular passenger and didn’t need me to escort her into the building.

The next run was to pick up two passengers not far from Blackpool Hospital and take them to Preston. Also, just before arriving at Blackpool, headquarters called and asked me to pick up another passenger just outside Blackpool to take to Preston, so I had three passengers in total. One of the passengers was worried she’d miss her appointment and I reassured her it wouldn’t be a problem if we informed the hospital that she was using NWAS transport. We arrived at the hospital just in time for the first appointment at 3pm.

As it was quite early and I had a long break for lunch, I rang the headquarters to say I was available for another run and they quickly allocated me another passenger. Once this journey was complete I rang again to find out if they had anybody they wanted taking back in the direction of my home. Nobody did and I arrived home at about 4.45pm.

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