Community Calendar 2017

The NWAS Community Calendar remains a standard and popular feature for the Trust, highlighting the key, and most popular, community affiliated days and activities for a range of religions.

From Christian to Rastafari faiths, Bahai to Sikh, the calendar helps reference different cultural faiths and assists to mark, respect and celebrate their most significant days throughout the year.

The Trust recognises that 'Religion and Belief' is a major protected characteristic of Diversity and the production of a regional community calendar is a positive initiative at the Trust in terms of recognising diversity, not only in the staff that work for us, but also in terms of the diversity of communities that we serve.

The North West is an ethnically diverse, multi-religious and multi-faith society. NWAS recognises that, to provide the highest standards of patient care within this diverse society, and for patients to receive healthcare which is appropriate, it is important that we providers of care take this into account when delivering services.

For further information, please contact Yunus Mogra, Equality and Diversity Manager, on Tel: 01204 498381 or email: