Equality Impact Assessments

Equality Impact Assessments - NWAS approach

What is Equality Impact Assessment?

The process encourages the Trust to recognise that people are different and to look at our plans from different perspectives. We don't set out to discriminate, or for our patients to have poor experiences of our service, but that can be the result when Trusts do not think about difference at the start. The process aims to identify where a policy or practice may have an adverse impact of a particular group of people and then to develop action plans to address those difficulties.

What approach has NWAS taken?

NWAS has been keen to develop an approach which makes sure that Equality Impact Assessment is part of our normal business, so in introducing this process we are making it a condition of policy approval and service development that they are impact assessed. We are also assessing our existing services, functions and policies over a 3 year cycle.

The Trust has developed a toolkit to support managers in undertaking Equality Impact Assessments and is also delivering training to ensure the process is of a high quality.


Included on these pages are links to:

  • The Equality Impact Assessment toolkit
  • Completed impact assessments
  • Impact assessment subject to consultation

We welcome feedback on any of the information contained on this page and in particular on the impact assessments themselves.

You can provide feedback by contacting, Yunus Mogra, Equality & Diversity Lead Co-ordinator, yunus.mogra@nwas.nhs.uk.