Equality Performance Improvement toolkit

Performance Managing Equality and Diversity

For 2011/12 we have adopted the new NHS performance management framework known as the Equality Delivery System (EDS). Sponsored and supported by the Equality and Diversity Council (EDC), the EDS has been designed by the NHS for the NHS to support the delivery of a service that is personal, fair and diverse. The EDS will support NHS organisations to drive up equality performance and embed equality into mainstream NHS business.

NWAS has introduced a new Governance process for implementing the EDS, so that responsibility for gathering evidence and taking action is linked with directorates and Board Committees. The Trust then gathered evidence of its performance against each of the goals and outcomes in the EDS. This meant looking at our policy framework, monitoring outcome evidence and the gathering the views of our stakeholders.

A summary narrative of the evidence for each outcome can be found here.

Once we had gathered the evidence and done our own self assessment of how we were doing, we then shared this with our communities and staff in order to check that they agreed with our own grading. We did this in a number of ways:

  • A web based survey asking key question related to the goals
  • An engagement event held on 28th February at which our evidence for each goal was shared and stakeholders were asked to grade each outcome
  • Attendance at partnership events around the EDS
  • Engagement with individual groups where this was requested
  • Use of patient and stakeholder feedback data from patient experience surveys e.g. specific questions regarding handover at A&E
  • Direct engagement with staff

Through this process we have agreed the gradings of our performance. Click here to view.

We have used this process to help us to prioritise areas in which to set our equality objectives.

We also intend to continue to use the EDS to assess our progress on an annual basis.

If you want to express any views or comments on what you have read please contact Yunus Mogra on yunus.mogra@nwas.nhs.uk or for further information about EDS click here. http://www.eastmidlands.nhs.uk/about-us/inclusion/eds/