Involving You in Our Work

The North West Ambulance Service is committed to gathering and considering all the feedback we receive with a view to providing quality services which meet the need of our patients. 

The experiences of our patients, their carers’ and their families are gathered from surveys, focus groups, community engagement, complaints, concerns and compliments; this allows the Trust to create a full picture of our patients’ views and to understand the top issues, key themes and identify areas of improvement.

Other examples from which we obtain valuable patient experience and feedback include engagement with Healthwatch organisations (formerly LINks) and Overview and Scrutiny Committees.

Some of our improvements identified directly as a result of working with patients and the public are reported through the inclusion of details in Trust publications and via the 'Listening to You' section of our website.

During the last few years we have continued our work to develop relationships with the 22 Healthwatch organisations (formerly LINKs) across the North West. Where possible, the Trust's Healthwatch Liason Manager regularly meets with Healthwatch organisations to provide information on any specific ambulance related issues.