Friends and Family Test

PTS FFT Results– August 2017 - How are we doing?

In August, a total of 233 patients who used the Patient Transport Service responded to our FFT survey by SMS text. 163 patients provided a free text comment. 

Returns By Channel August FFT (2)

 90.54% of comments were positive; Staff Attitude (60.45%), Overall Service (19.40%) and Travel Time (9.70%) were the top themes. 

Positive Graph (2)

 Patients told us:

“The best part was the jovial and helpful attitude of the driver and partner on both trips”

“We are so grateful with the service they give; we would be lost without it”

“It was a pleasant experience; they got me there in good time.”

97.01% of those who gave a positive response were ‘Likely’ to recommend our service to friends and family, 2.24% were unlikely to recommend. 

The remaining comments were constructive; Waiting Time (50%), Communication (14.29%) and Booking Process (14.29%) were the top themes.

Constructive Graph

Patients told us:

“We waited for 2 hours to be picked up after treatment”

“The route provided, seemed to go a long way round”

“I had to wait a long time for the ambulance to bring me home”

85.71% of patients who gave a constructive response were likely to recommend our services to friends and family, 14.29% were unlikely to recommend.

For more information about FFT and the various methods used to collect patient feedback, please contact us at