Friends and Family Test

PTS FFT Results – January 2018 - How are we doing?

In January, a total of 234 patients who used PTS provided FFT survey responses using SMS text. 72.2% of our respondents gave a supporting free text comment.  

Comment analysis shown that 86.7% were positive; the top themes were Staff Attitude (46.2%), Overall service (38.5%), Waiting time (5.6%).

FFT Positive Graph January (1)

Patients complimented our service, telling us:

“The ambulance arrived on time and the staff were very helpful both going to the hospital and coming back home”

 “Everything went to plan and I didn’t have a long wait to wait to come home. Thank you”

 “I felt very safe. The driver was kind and cheery, so the journey did not seem to take as long.”

13.3% of comments were constructive, the top three themes were; Waiting Time (59.1%), Overall service (13.6%) and Accessibility (9.1%).

FFT Constructive Graph January (2)

In comparison to the results in December, there are two new top themes that have been revealed this month, ‘Overall Service’ and ‘Accessibility’. Waiting time continues to be the top theme.

Patients shared more about their experience with us;

 “I was not given any help when I got out of the car. I needed a chair to get to where I was going but no help was given to me”. 

“We were told to be ready an hour and a half before my wife’s appointment but her carers may not be there in time to get her ready”.

“We had to wait 3 hours to be taken to hospital and another 2 hours to be taken home again, but the ambulance staff were fantastic”.

Although 13.3% of comments were constructive, 31.8% of these responses were still extremely likely or likely to recommend our services to their friends and family.

These results are also available to watch in our video online here -