Friends and Family Test

PTS FFT Results– July 2017 - How are we doing?

In July, a total of 212 PTS patients provided FFT survey responses using SMS text message.


89.5% were positive; the top 3 positive themes were Staff Attitude (54%), Overall Service (22.6%) and Waiting Time (10.2%).

Patients provided staff compliments:

“Friendly & professional staff who demonstrated real warmth and care. They helped to put me at ease.”

“The crews were always reliable, patient, friendly and compassionate”

99.3% of comments were ‘Extremely Likely’ or ‘Likely’ to recommend, with the remainder of patients ‘Neither Likely nor Unlikely’ to recommend, due to issues around communication.

“The worst part was not knowing when I will be picked up and the uncertainty of it”

Comments analysis showed that 7.2% were constructive, with the top 3 themes being; Waiting Time (54.5%), Communication (18.2%) and Safety (18.2%).

Patients told us:

“The worst aspects were on the return journey there was a long wait at the hospital for transport”

Of the constructive comments, 72.7% stated they were ‘Extremely Likely’ or ‘Likely’ to recommend our service.

For FFT information and the various methods the Patient Experience team use to collect patient feedback, please contact us at