Friends and Family Test

PTS FFT Results– November 2017 - How are we doing?

In November, a total of 246 patients who used PTS provided FFT survey responses using SMS text. 70.3% of these responses were a free text comment.

Comment analysis showed that 83.8% were positive; the top themes were Staff Attitude (54.5%), Overall Service (24.1%) and Travel Time (8.3%). 

FFT Positive Graph (1)

Patients complimented our service, telling us:

 “The care and understanding of the staff was very reassuring and made a big difference in an otherwise difficult day.”

“Having transport for my elderly father gave our family peace of mind that he could attend his appointment safely and on time. Thanks again, you offer an invaluable service”

 “Having transport is a big help in taking us to appointments, the drivers are always friendly and we get there on time”

16.2% of comments were constructive, with the top themes showing as; Waiting Time (42.9%), Communication (17.9%), Staff Attitude (10.7%) and Booking Process (10.7%).

 FFT Constructive Graph (1)

Patients told us that ;

“The last 2 times they were late and on the day of my operation, nobody picked me up because they couldn’t find me and there was no phone number for me to call after 6pm”

“The outbound journey was excellent but the return journey had a 90 minute delay”

Although 16.2% of comments were constructive, 50% of these responses were still extremely likely or likely to recommend our services to their friends and family.

These results are also available to watch in our video online

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