Patient Experience Board Game

The North West Ambulance Service is continually looking for ways in which we can improve the experience of the patients we serve throughout the North West.

Patient Experience Board GameFollowing the success of the original award winning board game, the Trust has developed a new second board game based around the theme of ‘There’s more to your ambulance service than you think’ and has been designed after receiving feedback from community groups. 

Using this feedback, the game has been designed so that all of the statements and questions are easier to understand and reflect what community groups thought was important for them to know and understand about the ambulance service. It makes use of bright coloured tiles and also all of the question cards contain images which help to make it more appealing to the players.

The game is very easy to play and resembles something like a giant Monopoly board. Players choose a starting point to represent them or their team and then get to use the dice domes. Players then move round the board and can be allocated points depending on the feedback, views and experiences they share in relation to the issues on the tiles they land on - or by answering questions from the ‘Q’ cards and Booster cards. Examples of statements that the players are asked to comment on include; ‘I am scared of Ambulances…..’ and ‘You call 999 as a relative has chest pain. Do you know how long it should take an ambulance to reach you?’  

The printed issues and themes are designed to get people talking and although one person may start by discussing that point, other players and teams are asked to join in and have their say too. The points can then be split between players/teams and whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins - it can get very competitive!

As the game is played – a member of the Patient Experience team records all of the feedback given which is analysed later and is then used to help make service improvements.

If you are a community group interested in playing the Patient Experience Board Game then please contact the Patient Experience team either by phone on Freephone: 0300 555 0110 or you can email: