Patient Experience Team

At North West Ambulance Service, we are committed to listening and responding to the feedback we receive from our patients, in order to understand their experiences of using our services and identify areas where improvements could be implemented to reflect patient needs and expectations.

The aim of the Patient Experience team is to improve the services that North West Ambulance Service provides to our patients and the public in the North West region.

The Patient Experience team proactively seek feedback using a variety of different methods which include: 

  • Postal surveys being sent to PES and PTS patients 
  • Observing Patient journeys on ambulances
  • Conducting Patient Experience feedback surveys
  • Working with focus groups
  • Working with specialist patient groups
  • Working with community groups across the North West

One of the innovative ways that we engage with the Community is through our Patient Experience Board game.

During 2016/17, an extensive Patient Experience programme has once again been successfully completed. Patient experience methods have been implemented across all Trust service areas, including our Paramedic Emergency Service (PES), Patient Transport Service (PTS)  Urgent Care Desk (UCD) and NHS 111 service (111) 

Patient Experience postal surveys are sent out to patients in five different areas across the North West who use these services - Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Cumbria and Lancashire. 

Since the Friends and Family Test (FFT) was launched in 2013, this has proved to be a very important tool to capture Patient feedback as it provides patients the opportunity to share their experiences of using NHS services. Patients are asked whether they would recommend the service they have used to a relative or friend who needed similar treatment. At North West Ambulance Service, we ask patients the FFT question “How likely are you to recommend our Ambulance service to friends and family if they needs similar care or treatment?” through postal surveys, postcards on ambulance transport vehicles, SMS texting and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).  

The Patient Experience team provide patients with the opportunity to complete a Friends and Family Test survey using various different channels such as SMS surveys, FFT Postcards, Landline and SMS surveys. Those surveys sent by SMS gave the most returns at 78% for 2016/17 which is significantly higher than the responses for the other channels, as the data shows below : 

FFT Responses (2)

More information can be found in the Patient Experience Annual Report 2016/17 

If you would like to provide feedback to us on your experience of using the ambulance service then you can email us at if you have any concerns about your experience with the ambulance service then please email