Patient Experience Team

The Government continues to promote the message that patient experience is a crucial part of quality healthcare provision. Through listening, recording and acting on our patients’ views, the Trust can respond and implement service change to reflect their needs.

The Patient Experience team seek to use a range of innovative ways to try and obtain representative feedback from our different service users. Feedback on the patient experience of our staff is also obtained to support Trust aims of embedding patient experience across the whole organisation.

During 2013/14, an extensive Patient Experience programme has once again been successfully completed. Postal surveys are largely used to provide us with the greatest volume of responses, to enable patients to provide feedback in ‘real-time’, we have also introduced the Friends and Family Test (FFT) ‘Postcards’ onto all our frontline ambulances.

Patient experience methods have been implemented across all Trust service areas, including our Paramedic Emergency Service (PES), Patient Transport Service (PTS) and our Urgent Care Desk (UCD) facility. The pie chart below provides a breakdown of the different surveys undertaken during 2013/14.

Patient Experience Methods by Service Area – All Surveys

Patient Experience Surveys 2013 14

2013/14 PE Programme Surveys



PES Surveys (Postal/Telephone)



UCD Service (Postal)



PTS Outpatients - Postal



PTS Discharge - Postal



PTS - Observations completed





If you would like to provide feedback to us on your experience of using the ambulance service then you can email us at if you have any concerns about your experience with the ambulance service then please email

Thank you in advance for your comments and observations. Without them, we cannot begin to make the improvements that matter to you.