#Team999 Campaign

The Trust launched #Team999 to educate people about what can happen following an emergency call to the ambulance service.

#Team999 Infographic

Through this campaign, the public are introduced to different representatives of the Service and find out how these individuals contribute to each patient receiving the right care.

The initiative aims to educate the public about the changing roles of the ambulance service and, in particular, how it no longer simply sends ambulances to all incidents or takes every patient to an Emergency Department.  To learn more about the various roles that make up #Team999, please click on one of the links.

Last year alone, 15 per cent of patients seen by NWAS crews were treated at home without the need to go to hospital.  The campaign also serves to highlight when it is appropriate to call 999 and what alternatives to calling 999 or being taken to hospital are available throughout the North West of England.

The objectives of the #Team999 campaign are:

  • Highlight to what the modern ambulance service looks like and the future of NWAS, as a provider of urgent and emergency care
  • raise awareness of the possible outcomes of a 999 call to NWAS – highlighting that 999 doesn’t always mean an ambulance response or a trip to the Emergency Department
  • increase NHS colleagues' understanding of the Trust’s urgent care strategy and how operationally that will deliver improved patient outcomes and care, throughout the North West
  • Increase awareness of collaborative working practices currently being deployed within the wider NHS network, to support improved patient outcomes and care, closer to home.

Please take a moment to watch the selection of videos avaialble to download, within the download section above.   

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