Schools and public education

It is very important for children to understand how their ambulance service works. The earlier that people are educated about all the different aspects of the ambulance service, the better understanding and awareness they will have if they ever need to use the service - they will know how to use it appropriately.

The Trust has its own Junior Life Savers Award which is awarded to children who have bravely called for an ambulance when they have come across an emergency, generally in their own home.  The children, at such an early age, to be able to recognise an emergency and have the courage to pick up the telephone and dial 999, shows that being educated at school or at home about calling an ambulance is very important and can save lives.

Unfortunately, we do not have a specific team within the Trust which solely deals with schools and community group visits.  However, we have a fantastic selection of fact sheets which are very informative to people of all ages which can be downloaded for your use.

We also have some great downloadable activity books for the younger generation who would like to find out more about the ambulance service and what to do in an emergency.  These can also be downloaded and printed to use to teach children in schools or at home.