10 September 2014 - Mountain Rescue Praise

The North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust (NWAS) is always pleased to receive feedback from patients and it is particularly special for staff to hear how their efforts have had an impact on the patients they have assisted.

Niall Love, 50, suffered serious neck and spinal injuries in June when he fell off his mountain bike at Clifton Country Park in Swinton.

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team (BMRT) helped to rescue Niall with the assistance of both the North West Air Ambulance (NWAA) and NWAS.

He spent nearly three weeks at Salford Royal hospital before spending a week at Southport Spinal Injuries unit and was so grateful for the treatment received, he got in contact with the Trust.

Niall said: “I want to pass on my heartfelt thanks to everyone for their professionalism. It’s thanks to them that I can still walk.”

“I attended hospital two weeks ago for an outpatient appointment hoping to have my collar removed.  “However, I was told how lucky I have been as I was, in the doctor’s words, ‘millimetres away from being paralysed’ and the collar stays on for another eight weeks.”

Head of Service for Greater Manchester Ged Blezard said: “I’m delighted that Niall is making a steady recovery after suffering what was a serious injury. It’s always nice to hear from patients we have helped and to hear that they are making a good recovery and we pass this to our crews.”

BMRT’s Garry Rhodes said: “We’re delighted that Niall is on the road to recovery. The rescue really showed the importance of our multi-agency co-operation.

“We had over 20 members of staff on scene all working together to provide the right care to Niall and help ensure he was safe as he was transported to hospital.”

Niall added: “There is a chance of me needing an operation in October though. However, there will be no more mountain biking due to risk to my spinal cord.

 “I can’t thank staff enough for all their help in assisting me.”