21 March 2014 - Man Receives Prison Sentence for Assaulting Two Female Paramedics

North West Ambulance Service Crew Sustain Serious Injuries Following Attack in Greater Manchester

A man has been jailed for 19 months for assaulting two female paramedics while responding to a 999 call in Newton Heath, Manchester.

Lee Smith, 38, of Petrock Walk, Newton Heath, received the custodial sentence at Manchester Crown Court, this week, after pleading guilty to Grievous Bodily Harm and Common Assault following the incident in September last year.

The North West Ambulance Service were called to Smith's address by his mother, as he had taken a handful of pills with vodka in an attempted overdose. When the ambulance crew arrived, Smith seemed cross when he realised that his mother had called 999 and didn't want to be attended to.  After the crew, one Student Paramedic and one Paramedic, tried to persuade Mr Smith to cooperate so they could provide the help he needed, he elbowed one of them in the face, knocking her into a piece of furniture, then grabbed the other's wrist and threw her against the wall with her head bouncing off the wall, whilst also being subjected to verbal abuse.

One Paramedic was treated for a fractured collarbone which has resulted in limited mobility in her shoulder and is still unable to return to work and the other received a large haemotoma to the back of the head resulting in her having to undertake light duties.

Derek Cartwright, Director of Operations for North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said:  "The Trust is delighted with this sentence and hopes it sends out a clear message that if you assault an ambulance crew, you face the real possibility of going to prison.

"I was outraged at this attack which resulted in two members of staff, requiring hospital treatment and being unable to do their job, helping members of the community in need.

"Violence against ambulance crews will not be tolerated. We work closely with the Police to ensure that the people responsible are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It is a sad fact that we are becoming almost used to hearing of our staff being either verbally or physically assaulted - there have been numerous serious cases in the last six months alone which is appalling".