23 April 2014 - NWAS NHS 111 Reflects on a Successful Easter

Easter proved a busy but successful weekend for all the staff at North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust 111 Service (NWAS).

For the majority, Easter Bank Holiday is a long relaxing weekend with the family, but for all the staff at NWAS NHS 111, it proved to be an exceptionally busy time, providing urgent care to people in the North West that needed medical advice over the four day weekend.

Covering all three of the NWAS NHS 111 call centre sites, Middlebrook - Bolton, Parkway - Greater Manchester and Carlisle in Cumbria, the service took all the appropriate steps to meet the anticipated demand of the Easter period.

We placed an additional 30% of staff in our call centres, which went on to triage an incredible 12,179 calls over the weekend. As well as this, additional front line management and a senior manager were on site each day of the weekend.

NWAS stepped in as stability partner last October, and the service has gone from strength to strength ever since. After trialling many staffing patterns, the service is now performing to an ever increasing high standard, making NWAS NHS 111 a valuable extra service to the NWAS family, in providing excellent urgent and emergency care to the people of the North West.

Derek Cartwright, Director of Operations for North West Ambulance Service said: "I am very proud of all the hard work and dedication from the NWAS NHS 111 staff at all three call centres in the North West. There was a massive amount of calls over the bank holiday weekend and this was handled safely, professionally and effectively by all the staff. This has been one of the biggest tests since we stepped in as stability partner last October and it has been approached fantastically. NWAS NHS 111 is proving to be a vital and valuable part of NWAS operations and an asset to the North West community".