26 June 2014 - Fast Safe: Keeping healthy this Ramadan

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust (NWAS) is urging everyone observing the fast this month to fast safe!

As many practicing Muslims know there are numerous spiritual benefits to participating in Ramadan, these are: thinking about those less fortunate than yourself, to purify the soul, to refocus attention on God, and practice self-sacrifice.

However there are many things to keep in mind to enjoy a healthy holy month.

Ged Blezard, NWAS Head of Service says: "During these hot weather long fasts, dehydration is a common and serious risk.  It's important to balance food and fluid intake between fasts and especially to drink enough water. If during this Ramadan period you start to feel unwell, disorientated or confused, our advice as supported by Islamic principles is to stop fasting and have a drink of water or other fluid."

Ged also goes on to say: "This is especially important for older adults, and for those with controlled medical conditions such as low/high blood pressure, diabetes and those who are receiving dialysis treatment.  The Muslim Council of Britain has confirmed that breaking fast in such conditions is allowable under Islamic Law." 

"Also make sure to check on others in the community who may be at greater risk and keep an eye on young children that are attending mosque prayers, in particular fairly late and early on in the day to ensure they are having a safe and healthy Ramadan."

"People with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes are advised to seek medical advice before participating in the fast."

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust would like to wish everyone Ramadan Mubarak.