11 May 2015 - Children Learn about Services Provided by the NHS

Children from St James School in Millom recently found out about using the NHS wisely in a ‘Health Week’ which included guest ‘teachers’ from North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust!

Millom Children learn NHS

Community Specialist Paramedic at NWAS, Claire Morris and her team taught the children about relevant health issues including the difference between big sick (when an ambulance is needed) and little sick (an illness that can be treated at home such as a cold).

The week concluded with an assembly on the Friday afternoon that brought together everything that the children had learnt over the week in a fun and informative presentation to their families and wider community.

Nerissa Nicholas, Head Teacher at St James School said: “We are delighted to be involved in the Millom Alliance. It’s so exciting for the children to be involved in the Alliance and by getting the children to talk about these issues it’s a great way to educate parents as well.  The children demonstrated what services should be utilised for different illnesses and injuries, including the need to call an ambulance for serious accidents such as a car crash, but not to do so for a minor injuries such as falling over and grazing a knee.”

The children concluded the assembly with a catchy song ‘Big Sick Little Sick’ and a quiz further showing the knowledge they had gained over the fun filled and successful health week.