12 May 2015 - Openshaw Assault

A North West Ambulance Service staff member was admitted into hospital yesterday, after he was punched repeatedly by the patient he had arrived to help.


The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) was called to a male, unconscious on a grass verge on Greenside Street in Openshaw, Manchester at 16.30 on Monday 11 May. On arrival he approached the patient and asked how he could help. The man refused treatment and told the crew member to ‘go away’, he then assaulted him, punching him a number of times, resulting in him being admitted into hospital. 


The assailant was restrained by two members of the public before being arrested by police.


The staff member who does not want to be named, was discharged last night and has facial bruising and abrasions to his arms.


Director of Operations, Derek Cartwright comments: “This is an appalling, despicable act against someone who was only trying to help and the Trust will be pushing for this individual to face the full force of the law.


“Our staff work long hours, they save lives and should not have to approach patients in fear or trepidation. When they wave goodbye to their wives, husbands and families at the start of their shift, they do not expect to have to greet them again in hospital."


The EMT is being supported by Trust managers and colleagues, and is now off sick while he recovers.