15 Aug 2015 - Future Paramedic Gains Vital Experience

Ruby cadetNursing cadet student Ruby is set to make her dreams of becoming a Paramedic a reality as she secures a spot at Liverpool John Moores University.

As part of her course Healthcare Cadet course at St Helens College, Ruby has recently completed an exciting work experience placement with North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) which reaffirmed her desire to become a Paramedic.

Ruby said: "Whilst being on placement with NWAS, I have worked with the Patient Transport Service (PTS) which involves taking patients to and from appointments and discharging patients from hospitals to take them home or to alternative care. I have really enjoyed this as a placement as all of the crews who I worked with were very friendly and outgoing and always made me feel comfortable whilst on placement.

Being on PTS eased me into life with NWAS and gave me more of an insight into what services NWAS provide. It also gave me the opportunity to practice communication skills, as often I would speak to the patients whilst on the journey to or from hospitals and they would often tell me a little bit about themselves.

After working with the PTS, I went onto urgent care to deal with minor/intermediate incidents including patients with breathing difficulties, dealing with falls, patients with hypo/hyperglycaemia, pneumonia, etc. At times we even got called to emergencies to back up a paramedic on the rapid response.

I have enjoyed every minute of my placement and really look forward to going to the ambulance station. Every member of the NWAS team who I have ever worked with has been friendly, welcoming and very supportive of my learning. It is really hands on and the crews allow me to take patient observations and assist with the moving and handling of patients.

I am very excited gain even more experience on placement as I start work with the rapid response and emergency crews as I will see a wider range of incidents, illnesses and conditions."