Ambulance crew thanked for sharing knowledge

Graham Pacey, Paramedic and Ian Proctor-Dow, EMT1 recently attended Cleveleys Classic Car Rally where they offered free CPR training to attendees along with promoting the Trust.

The pair have been thanked for portraying the service in a very professional light at this ideal opportunity to engage with the public whilst educating them about our service and how best to use it.Ambulance Crew Thanked For Sharing Knowledge

Graham has also been thanked for giving up his time to educate children at Anchorsholme Beavers Group about the ambulance service and how to react when faced with an emergency.
The Beaver Leader, said: “Anchorsholme Beavers would like to thank Graham, the Paramedic, who has worked us through the Emergency Aid Stage one and two badges over the past couple of weeks. Thank you for your time and patience!

“One of the Dads told me that his son had come home from Beavers that week and explained everything that he had learnt about emergency aid. The Beaver went through the whole scenario of checking for dangers, shouting for help, checking breathing, recovery position and dialling 999.

“I was absolutely delighted to hear this as it means that the children do take in what is being taught (despite appearances) and if this helps just one person, then it makes what we do all worthwhile. Thanks again to Graham for sharing his knowledge and teaching us valuable life skills.”