18 June 2015 - ‘You're Our Guardian Angel' Mum Tells Call Handler

 Archie and Zoe

A North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) emergency call handler has been hailed a ‘hero’ for helping a mum to save the life of her two-year-old boy, who was choking on a 2p coin, at their home in Little Hulton.

With the coin lodged in Archie’s throat, frantic mum Vicky Martin called 999 and spoke to Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) Zoe Scott who talked her through exactly what she needed to do to get the coin out. Calming Vicky down, Zoe instructed her to undertake abdominal thrusts on the toddler, which got the coin out and saved Archie’s life.

Meeting Zoe in person this week, with Archie, Vicky talked about how calm and supportive Zoe was in giving her clear instructions and focusing her mind on what needed to be done.

Vicky, who presented Zoe with a bouquet of flowers, told her that she is ‘her and Archie’s hero’, she said: “When Archie had the 2p coin stuck in his throat, as you can imagine, I was in a complete state of hysteria and my mind had gone completely blank. Zoe answered my 999 call and somehow managed to completely calm me down and talked me through exactly what I needed to do.

"Without her calming influence and prompt instructions I know for a fact my little boy would have died, he wasn't far off when we got the coin out. That day Zoe turned up for work we found our guardian angel.

“North West Ambulance Service doesn’t get enough recognition for the amazing work all their staff do. It is beyond important and I can’t put a value on all their fantastic work. I have now signed up to a first aid training session – I’d advise any parent to sign up to a session so they’re prepared if it happens to their child.

Zoe Scott said: “It’s an honor to be called a hero but it’s part of my everyday job. I’m so grateful for the outcome. It was amazing to meet Vicky and Archie now he’s all better. Things like this make my job worthwhile and it’s lovely to feel so appreciated.”

Zoe on phone