2 Aug 2015 - MP Urges Town Residents to Sign up to Become a Life Saver

George OsborneMP George Osborne joined North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) and the Knutsford Community First Responders at the Jubilee Hall in Knutsford for a recruitment drive to encourage townsfolk to volunteer as a First Responder.

Prospective volunteers at the recruitment drive were surprised with a 'real' emergency and got to see the First Responder Team take action before it was revealed that it was only a drill.

Members of NWAS attended the event and a speech was delivered by Robert Hussey, Community Resuscitation Manager and Andy Redgrave, Community Engagement Manager on the importance of having a strong local First Responder Team to increase the survivability of emergency casualties before the arrival of an ambulance plus a description of how they will train First Responder candidates from Knutsford.

When a member of the public within a five mile radius of Knutsford dials for an ambulance, the duty First Responder is also advised of the call and asked to attend. Their current strength is down to only four ECFR's which is needed to be re-built to over 15 to meet the current demands of 999 emergency call-outs in the area.

George Osborne, who was made a Patron of the charity, said: “The First Responders offer a life-saving service in this town, attending around 800 calls a year. The volunteers represent the best of British values and I am proud to back them. If you are looking for an opportunity to make a real difference then get in touch.”

Adrian Rees, Chairman of the First Responders in Knutsford, said the project had been a success, with more than 20 enquiries from Knutsfordians wanting to volunteer.

"It was a fantastic afternoon, obviously capped by George's presence and speech - in which he reminded the audience that he has provided help and guidance to the Trust ever since becoming our MP but also him agreeing to become the Patron of Knutsford Community First Responder Trust," he said.