2 July 2015 - NWAS Joins Hundreds for ‘Bumper’ Health Mela

North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) joined hundreds of residents and a wide range of health organisations for this year’s Health Mela at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Manchester.

Mike Kane MP

Picture from left: Mike Kane MP for Wythenshawe & Sale East signing up as an NWAS member and Yunus Mogra, Senior Patient Experience Officer for NWAS.

Manchester Health Mela is an opportunity for the public to get information about health and wellbeing from a wide range of organisations. The Health Mela concept was originally devised by Professor Gupta and Professor Rob Campbell, who continue to promote the Mela every year – this year hosting the event with Sacred Heart Primary’s Head Teacher Julia Bramhall.

NWAS used the Health Mela to promote an appropriate use of the ambulance service and to encourage members of the public to ‘stop and think’ before they dial 999, along with discussing the experiences local people have had when using the service.

Yunus Mogra, Senior Patient Experience Officer for NWAS, said: “NWAS have been coming to these events for many years. It’s great to see the Health Mela move as far afield as Manchester now and get over eight hundred people attending.

“It was great to speak to so many people about our services, many of which had brilliant things to say about NWAS. These events are always really fun and interactive for us to share key ambulance messages with communities. Thank you to everyone involved in putting the event together, it was a huge success.”

Julia Bramhall, Head Teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, said: It’s been a pleasure to host a day that allowed the local community to access such a vast range of health services. We value the fantastic support of the North West Ambulance Service in educating our children and giving them health advice.”