29 June 2015 - Rossendale’s ‘Exemplary’ Life-Saving Duo Win ASI Award

Two North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) Community First Responders have won an Ambulance Service Institute (ASI) award for their ‘fantastic dedication’ to their work.

ASI Awards Brian And Dawn

Photo caption: From left Brian Pickup MBE, Baroness Browning and Dawn Taylor.

Brian Pickup MBE and Dawn Taylor take the lead in organising Rossendale’s Community First Responder (CFR) group. Both are active CFRs and have attended many incidents over the years including cardiac arrests and chest pains – saving the lives of so many local people.

CFRs volunteer their free time to help care for people in their community and are trained in how to deal with life threatening conditions, supporting NWAS by getting to patients as quickly as possible while the ambulance is on route. 

This year’s ceremony ASI award ceremony was hosted by Baroness Browning in the House of Lords. The event is an opportunity to recognise the amazing work of ambulance staff up and down the country.

Andrew Redgrave, Regional Head of Community Engagement for NWAS who submitted the nominations, said: “I nominated both Brian and Dawn for this award because of their fantastic dedication and professional approach to volunteering. They work extremely hard, in partnership with NWAS, to raise awareness of heart disease and increase survival rates from sudden out of hospital cardiac arrests.”

“Through their leadership the Rossendale CFR group has become very successful. With their work with local businesses and organisations they have raised money to set up defibrillators across their community, along with training thousands of people in life saving skills. The Trust now uses their model for new and established teams to learn and develop from across the North West.

“Brian and Dawn are both exemplary community first responders, but the leadership, professionalism and dedication constantly shown takes them to another level and this makes them both admirable and well deserved in receiving such an award. They are proactive and go out of their way to raise awareness but also save lives – I’m so proud they have won this year’s ASI and it’s a real privilege to work with them both.”