4 November 2015 – ‘Your Our Superheroes’ Mother of Three Year Old Tells NWAS Ambulance Crew

A North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) crew of ‘superheroes’ have been praised by the mother of a young girl whose life they saved, reuniting at her nursery in Lancashire.

 Nursery 5

Picture: Dominic and Josh with Claire and Daisy

NWAS Paramedic Dominic Regan and Emergency Medical Technician Josh Beames, who took Daisy Halliwell to hospital the afternoon she was struggling to breathe, were presented with gifts for ‘all the fantastic work they do’.

Enjoying an afternoon at her home on 26 July Daisy began struggling to breathe with the childhood condition Croup, which affects the windpipe and lungs. This developed into an asthma attack. Concerned her daughter couldn’t breathe Claire Halliwell, Daisy’s Mother, phoned for an ambulance.

Reunited with Claire and Daisy at her nursery, Dominic and Josh explained to Daisy’s friends about her ordeal and how brave she was. Daisy presented Dominic and Josh with a collage of drawings of ambulances and paramedics which everyone at the nursery had produced for the crew’s visit.  

Just three years old at the time Daisy said the part she remembered the most about the incident was at the hospital when they were examining her: “They pricked my finger!”

Speaking at the reunion Claire Halliwell said: “I was terrified at the time and just remember thinking she might not make her fourth birthday. Daisy is my world and they saved her life, so I couldn’t thank them enough. You don’t realise the amazing work people in the ambulance service do. Dominic and Josh are just my heroes and probably a million other people’s heroes too!”

Both Dominic and Josh were presented with a keyring with the words; ‘I save lives! What’s your superpower? Thank you for saving mine‘, engraved on each.

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Dominic Regan, NWAS Paramedic, said: “As a parent myself I know how worrying it can be if something happens to your child. It’s great to see Daisy looking healthy and well after going through such an awful experience  – it’s fantastic to be thanked and to receive such lovely gifts from Daisy and Claire.”