9 July 2015 - NWAS Praises Young 'Hero' For Saving Mother’s Life

A six-year-old girl has been hailed a ‘hero’ by North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) after phoning 999 and swiftly helping an ambulance crew save her mother’s life.

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Picture: Nick Griggs, NWAS Operations Manager, Stephen Hewgill, Allana’s Father, PandaMedic, Allana-Rose Hewgill, Katrina Hewgill, Mr Cody, Head Teacher of Stoneraise Primary School and Nicky Warwick, NWAS Emergency Medical Technician.

Allana-Rose Hewgill, from Carlisle in Cumbria, was commended by NWAS in a special assembly at Stoneraise Primary School.  Nicky Warwick, who was part of the ambulance crew on the day, praised her courage and quick thinking during the emergency and presented Allana with a Junior Lifesaver Award.

On 20th May Katrina Hewgill, Allana’s Mother, had very bad chest pains and at one point went unconscious. Taking over the 999 call, Allana received instructions from the call handler and ensured the house was safe and accessible for the crew to attend the scene.    

NWAS used the presentation ceremony as an opportunity for their mascot PandaMedic to award Stoneraise Primary School with a defibrillator – presenting it to the Head Teacher Mr Clen Coady. 

Nicky Warwick, NWAS Emergency Medical Technician, said: “When I arrived on the scene Allana was outside trying to open a very heavy wooden gate. She‘d managed to get the front door to the house open and had also put the dog away.

“Everything was organised for the crew to arrive and she’d even covered her Mum up with a blanket. When we first arrived on scene Allana was very upset, but once she had calmed down a little she then went and got herself dressed ready to come with us up to the hospital. A big well done and thank you to Allana, she’s a real hero and a credit to her family.”

Mr Coady, Head Teacher of Stoneraise Primary School, said: “Allana’s shown great maturity in what she has done. I’m not surprised by Allana’s actions, but it is surprising that someone of her age would act so bravely in an emergency. Thank you to NWAS for awarding the school with a brand new defibrillator. Having the defibrillator there gives you reassurance that in the event of an emergency the equipment is there to save a life.”