04 March 2016 - Severe Weather: Think Before Calling For An Ambulance

North West Ambulance Service is asking residents of the North West to take care as heavy snow continues to fall across the region.

With the adverse weather conditions slowing down response times, the Trust is urging the public to only phone the Service when necessary and to look after family members along with elderly neighbours.      

Ged Blezard, Acting Director of Operations said, “The severe weather is having a huge impact on the Service as we, like all other road users, have to negotiate the hazardous driving conditions. There is always an increase in the number of road traffic collisions and falls and therefore I ask that the public only undertake journeys when necessary. If you do need to travel, make sure you are prepared for extended journey times.”

“The Service is well prepared for these weather conditions with all our vehicles fitted with winter tyres and 50 per cent of them operational 4X4s. We will be working with our partner agencies such as the Mountain Rescue Service in order to get our patients the right care as quickly as possible. We would urge the public to think before dialling 999, but people should not be afraid to ring us if they believe they need emergency assistance. 

“However, we want to remind everyone that ambulance services are not there simply to transport people to a healthcare centre or hospital. The Trust’s crews are specially trained in dealing with trauma and life-threatening cases, and this is where their expertise should be focused on. The most life threatening incidents cannot wait, we need to get treatment to these patients as quickly as possible without having to divert from others that can be easily treated elsewhere. Please take care and make the right call.

The Trust has a campaign encouraging the public to #MakeTheRightCall and use the ambulance service appropriately. For more information on the campaign please go to the following link:  http://www.maketherightcall.co.uk/