10 March 2016 – NWAS Praises ‘Brave Young Boy’ For Saving Mother’s Life

North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) has awarded a Junior Life-Saver Award to a young boy from Wigan who ‘bravely’ phoned for an ambulance when his Mother collapsed.   

 Harry Finch North West Ambulance Award Presentation V Peterborough United (H) 15-16 (3) (2)

Picture from top left: Matt Calderbank, Jonathan Jackson, Chief Executive of Wigan Athletic, Carl Finch, Nicola Rigby, Lily Finch, (below) Chris White, Harry Finch and Andy Black.

Harry Finch, who was four years old at the time, was commended by NWAS at Wigan Athletic Football Club before their recent home game. The Trust’s match day crew, which included Matt Calderbank, Operations Manager for Wigan, NWAS paramedic Chris White and NWAS paramedic Andy Black, presented Harry with his Junior Lifesaver Award to thank him for his bravery. The crew used the event as an opportunity to highlight the importance of teaching children what to do in the event of an emergency.

On 10 January Nicola Rigby, Harry’s Mother, collapsed as a result of a dizzy spell which led to her falling unconscious. When the incident occurred Harry was at home with his Mum and two year old sister. Harry phoned 999, giving the call taker all the details they needed to get an ambulance to out to his Mum and also made sure his sister was safe.

Commenting at the event the match day crew for NWAS said: “Harry showed great maturity when he phoned 999 – our call taker was very impressed. It is so vital that children are taught by their parents and at school on how to call for help in an emergency, and that they can tell our 999 call handlers their address.

“It’s fantastic that someone of his age acted so bravely in an emergency, especially when he knew to look after his sister when his Mum was unconscious. A big well done and thank you to Harry, he’s a real hero and a credit to his family.”

Nicola Rigby said, “Harry was such as star and so brave. While I was unconscious he looked after his sister and remained so calm – I’m really proud of him. It’s great for him to receive the Junior Lifesaver Award from NWAS. I’m so happy we got the opportunity to let everyone know what Harry did.”