12 October 2016 - Cardiac Arrest Survivor & Ambulance Crew Reunited One Year On

Blackpool Reunion

Iain Procter-Dow (EMT), Natalie Mason (EMD), Kerry Wright (EMD), Jennifer Lawrence, Brent Kenny (Senior Paramedic), Jennifer’s mum Marie Heron, Philip Strange (Advanced Paramedic)

Cardiac arrest survivor Jennifer Lawrence has been reunited with some of the ambulance crew that helped to save her life.

On the 7 October 2015, 37 year old Jennifer went to see her GP after feeling unwell and after being checked over was sent home. At around 5pm later that day she suddenly started fitting and her teenage son Jordan rang 999, a few minutes later her condition deteriorated and she went into cardiac arrest.

Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) Kerry Wright answered the call and instructed Jordan over the phone how to perform CPR whilst an ambulance crew were dispatched to Jennifer’s home in Blackpool.

Three minutes later the ambulance crew of Christopher Veevers, Brent Kenny, Phil Strange, Dale Anderton, Iain Procter-Dow and Alex Rose arrived on scene to take over. She was rushed to Blackpool Victoria Hospital and spent almost four weeks in intensive care before going on to make a full recovery.

Jennifer and her family got in touch with North West Ambulance Service requesting to meet with all those that responded to her so that they could say thank you in person and the occasion was made more poignant by marking the one year anniversary.

Jennifer said: “I have absolutely no memory of the incident at all; I just remember waking up thinking I was in a hotel. I have suffered with some memory loss since the incident happened, but that’s a small price to pay as I’m still here and I just wanted to thank everyone for everything they did, not just on that day but every day.”

Meeting up with Jennifer for the first time EMD Kerry said: “I never forgot that call and remember it like it was just yesterday. I particularly remember her son being brilliant, as he went from panic mode to getting completely in the zone to help his mum and listening to what I said as he just got on with performing CPR.

“It’s great that Jennifer and her family got in touch with us so we could be updated on her journey and it’s even more amazing for me as I don’t often get to know the outcome of what happened, as normally at the end of the call that is it, and I move on to the next.”

Senior Paramedic Brent Kenny was just about to finish for the day when the call to Jennifer came in and said: “Every single one of us does this job to help people, and when a call comes in like this one it reminds you why you do it, especially when you get a good outcome and meet with the patient again, it gives you a massive buzz.”

Advanced Paramedic Philip Strange said: “It’s great when we get occasions like this to meet up again with our patients as it shows how we all work together as a team. However a special mention must go to Jordan for all he did, as by taking that direction to perform CPR he saved Jennifer’s life, not us, as if he hadn’t done that our job would be bordering on impossible.”