13 June 2016 - Patient Fundraises To Say "Thank You"

Linda(Left to Right) Katherine Gore, Linda McGowan, Daniel Sharplin and Donna O’Reilly from MRI

A patient whose life was saved by North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) and Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI) has been inspired to fundraise to say “thank you”.

In August last year, Linda McGowan from Denton became seriously ill and an ambulance was called for her. Soon after the ambulance crew arrived on the scene Linda suffered a cardiac arrest and the NWAS crew of Katherine Gore, Daniel Sharplin and Kathryn Murphy worked to save her life and rushed her to Manchester Royal Infirmary.

At MRI Linda was put on a ventilator and transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. The staff worked hard to stabilise her and thankfully Linda’s condition improved. Once Linda was taken off the ventilator she suffered with delirium, a common side effect of patients in intensive care. This was a very difficult time for Linda and her family, who were grateful for the help and emotional support they received from the Critical Care Team at the hospital.

Now fully recovered, Linda got in touch with both NWAS and MRI to show her appreciation by organising some fundraising activities to be split between NWAS and MRI to thank the staff for the care and treatment she received.

Linda, her family and her grandchildren all got involved to raise funds by helping to bag pack customer shopping on a Saturday and Sunday at the Tesco Extra Store in Gorton, in which Jacqueline Bailey a Sister from MRI’s Critical Care also got involved to lend a hand. The Tesco store also took part by donating hampers which were then raffled. In total Linda and her family raised £1100, which will be £550 for both NHS organisations.

Linda said:  “When I was rushed into hospital both the ambulance service and MRI were brilliant, not only with me but my family as well. From the moment that the ambulance arrived, to arriving at A&E and up into intensive care, they all did an absolutely amazing job.

“I don’t think that the NHS and ambulance service get enough recognition and I just wanted to give something back to let them know how extremely grateful I am.”

There was an emotional reunion at the Tesco Gorton store when Linda met up with Katherine Gore and Daniel Sharplin again and Linda was able to thank them in person.

Daniel Sharplin, NWAS Student Paramedic said: “Linda got a little teary seeing us again which was very sweet. Usually we don’t normally get to see our patients again and find out how they are doing, so it was lovely to meet up with her again and see her looking very well and very sparkly.”

Donna O’Reilly, Community Fundraising Officer for Manchester Royal Infirmary Hospital Charity, added: “We’re incredibly thankful to Linda for raising money towards the Critical Care Support Group at our hospital. It really shows what a thoughtful person she is that she wants to help others in a similar situation. Linda should be proud of her fundraising and for helping to raise awareness for a cause she is passionate about.”

The money that was donated to NWAS by Linda will be used to fund a defibrillator at a local school in Denton. Linda’s donation to MRI will go towards the ‘Critical Care Support Group’ that helped Linda and her family following her delirium. Linda has also taken part in a training video to help raise awareness and early recognition of delirium for staff in Intensive Care.