18 August 2016 - Lifesaving 999 Day At The Trafford Centre

999 Day 125

The sixth annual 999 Day at the Trafford Centre has once again proved to be an outstanding success in highlighting our hardworking emergency services alongside community safety and support services.

Over the past six years the event has got bigger and better in showcasing the work of staff and also the different types of emergency vehicles, from North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) and Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

999 Day 001An estimated 14,000 visitors came along to watch, ask questions and get involved in the range of demonstrations and displays that were on show.

In recognition of the collaboration between NWAS activating and working alongside GMFRS crews to respond to cardiac arrest call outs, this year’s event put teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at its heart.

The aim was to teach as many people as possible how to perform CPR and create a community of lifesavers to help improve survival rates for out of hospital cardiac arrests. This is one of the UK’s biggest killers and a person’s chance of surviving can be greatly improved when CPR is given within the first few minutes of them collapsing.

To show what would happen in an emergency situation if a person does collapse, NWAS staff and volunteer Community First Responders acted out a live demonstration in front of a packed audience in the main arena. It explained that cardiac arrests can happen to anyone at any time and how absolutely anyone can become a lifesaver by calling 999 and performing CPR until help arrives to take over.

Spectators were then invited into the arena to get a hands-on go at trying CPR for themselves as NWAS staff, volunteers and cadets from GMFRS taught them these vital lifesaving skills.

999 Day 105

Derek Cartwright, NWAS Chief Executive said: “This year’s event once again promoted the fantastic work of the emergency services and how we all work together to serve the people of Greater Manchester.

“I am even more delighted that the event featured the importance of learning CPR, with more than 500 people of all ages going away knowing how they can help to save a life, which one day could be called upon for one of their family or friends.

“I especially would like to thank all our staff and volunteers who gave up their time to help make the day such a success.”