25 January 2016 - NWAS and Heron Foods Come Together To Save Lives in Partington

Partington AED

North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) and Heron Foods have recently worked together to install life-saving equipment which will be available 24 hours a day for the community of Partington.

The equipment, which consists of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) and secure wall-mounted cabinet, was funded by NWAS and kindly installed by Heron Foods on the external wall of their store at Partington Shopping Centre.

The AED can be only accessed in the event of a cardiac arrest by calling 999 for the ambulance service. It is contained within a secure state of the art cabinet, which contains a heater, light and alarm system, as well as a code keypad for access. The cabinet is designed to be water, wind, heat, and cold resistant.

Community Specialist Paramedic for Partington, Dave Blowers, who helped secure the equipment for the community said: “It is brilliant that we have been able to procure this equipment from the ambulance service, and I am extremely grateful to Heron Foods for all the assistance they have given in order to get the defibrillator in place. Both the defibrillator and the cabinet in which they are housed are of the latest technology, and it will without a doubt help save lives in Partington.

“The AED itself is designed so that it can be used without training, as it will only work on somebody in cardiac arrest and has a voice prompt that takes you through the whole procedure. In this scenario, every second counts. I hope it never has to be used, but it’s great to know it is there.”

Dave has already delivered some training sessions to members of the community in CPR, and is hoping to deliver more throughout the year.

In addition, NWAS is setting up a Community First Responder (CFR) scheme in the Partington area. Community First Responders are volunteers who provide a first response to emergency calls within their own community until an ambulance arrives. The care they deliver can range from simple reassurance and listening through to administering oxygen and using a defibrillator. For further information, please go to http://www.nwas-responders.info

Dave is one of twelve Community Specialist Paramedics based within local communities throughout the North West that work with local community based healthcare teams to provide improved quality of care and outcomes for patients, including avoiding unnecessary trips to hospital.  They are also available to respond to emergency calls.