6 May 2016 - Liverpool Mum Thanks NWAS Crew for Saving her Daughter's Life

Speke reunion

A mum from Speke has said she ‘can’t praise or thank the ambulance crew enough’ for their quick response after they saved her baby girl’s life after she suffered an attack of meningitis. 

Sarah Kinsey, from Speke in Liverpool dialed 999 for an ambulance on the morning of 5 December2015 when she noticed her baby, Sofia, who was seven months old at the time, had fallen seriously ill, was unresponsive and showing all the tell-tale symptoms of the vicious condition.

The night before Sofia fell seriously-ill, Sarah and her partner, Andy Freeman, had noticed she was not herself and put it down to teething and feeling a little under the weather. When they woke the next morning, Sofia was really warm with cold hands, her breathing was different and she was making a whimpering sound. Sofia had a faint rash on her legs and stomach and when Sarah pulled her vest up, she noticed a purple mark on her chest.

The North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) crew arrived at Sarah’s home within four minutes of the emergency call being made and started to treat Sofia immediately. They quickly transferred Sofia to the Emergency Department at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and within 34 minutes of the emergency call, Sofia was in resuscitation. Baby Sofia spent three days on a ventilator in ICU fighting for her life.

Now ‘fully recovered’ from the life-threatening condition, Sarah and baby Sofia joined the crew; Paramedics Robert McKnight and Leona Pritchard and Emergency Medical Technician 1 (EMT1), Frank Cousins, for an emotional reunion at the Trust’s South Liverpool Ambulance Station to say thank you.

Speaking at the reunion, Sarah said: “In that second, my ‘mother’s instinct’ and gut feeling kicked in and I knew it was meningitis. I immediately phoned for an ambulance as my baby girl was seriously ill and becoming unresponsive.

“We were told due to the speed the ambulance was called and how quickly Sofia received medical care is why she is still here today – I am so thankful and will forever be in the debt to each and every medical professional that helped her and helped us, which is why I contacted the North West Ambulance Service to ask if I could meet the ambulance crew.”

Frank Cousins, EMT1, said: “When we arrived on scene, Sofia was seriously ill, together we worked hard to stabalise her and immediately transported her to hospital. We are so happy to see her again under very different circumstances and think she has made such an amazing recovery.”

Robert McKnight and Leona Pritchard, said: “It’s overwhelming to be reunited with Sarah and her family and be praised by them for our work that day. We’re part of a huge team here at NWAS and were just doing our jobs. This job is a real privilege to do – we get the chance to make a real difference as we have with this family and we are so happy that we were able to help baby Sofia. It means the world to get recognition for our work.”

Sarah is encouraging all parents to familiarise themselves with the symptoms of meningitis as it could save a life.For more guidance/advice on symptoms of meningitis visit: www.meningitis.org.