06 November 2017 - Manchester incident response

A spokesperson for North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust (NWAS) said: “We are extremely proud of the response that we gave on the evening of the tragic events in Manchester. Our staff risked their lives to help others and undoubtedly lives were saved due to their heroic actions.


“Despite the clear risk we were faced with, the decision was made to allow three members of staff into the foyer where the blast had taken place.  The first clinician was on scene within four minutes of the 999 emergency call being allocated and the other two clinicians followed.


“Their job was to triage the injured and work with police to move people to a place close by where they could be treated safely - and where 25 paramedics were waiting, in accordance with our major incident plan.


“Within an hour all critical patients had been moved and were being treated by 50 paramedics. Some people had already been taken to hospital. Within four hours, all the injured that required hospital care had been transferred.


“This is the clinical model used in all major incidents.


“The Kerslake enquiry will fully review the processes that we used and we welcome any findings or lessons learnt that may be provided as a result but we are confident in our response which followed implementation of our major incident plan, training and experience that we have in place for this type of situation.”