18 December 2017 - Award Win For Safe Drive Stay Alive Initiative

HBAAn emotional and powerful initiative that aims to reduce the number of young driver-related deaths has won at this year’s Health Business Awards.

Safe Drive Stay Alive (SDSA) Greater Manchester was launched in 2014 and is a partnership between North West Ambulance Service (NWAS), Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue (GMFRS), Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and bereaved family members in an attempt to reduce the number of young driver-related deaths on North West roads.

NWAS alongside Salford Royal and the Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership scooped the top prize in the NHS Collaboration Award category at the ceremony in London.

Every year, all involved in the partnership come together to organise the 90-minute performance based around a series of short emotive films and live speakers from the emergency services, the NHS and bereaved families and victims. The show runs for two weeks in November with two performances per day that feature real-life stories of personal experiences and the consequences of road traffic collisions involving young people.

Thousands of college students from across Greater Manchester are invited to watch the performance which aims to positively influence the attitudes and behaviours of learner and novice drivers and also their passengers.

Duncan Mayoh, Advanced Paramedic with NWAS said: “As ambulance crews we see first-hand the horrific and devastating impact of serious road traffic collisions. Anything that we can do to help prevent death or life changing injuries and to reduce the pain and anguish caused by such tragedies, even if it’s just for one person, is definitely worth it.

“I am extremely proud to have been part of safe drive since the very beginning, working alongside my fellow emergency service colleagues, hospital colleagues and also the incredibly brave families who have lost loved ones.

“It is fantastic how it has grown and it still amazes me to witness the reaction of the young audience as they watch the performances as you can clearly see what they have seen has clearly had an impact on them and hopefully will make them think carefully when they get in the car not only as a driver but also as a responsible passenger too.”  

The Health Business Awards recognise and celebrate the significant contributions made each year by organisations and individuals that work in and alongside the NHS.

HB Awards                      Duncan Mayoh - Advanced Paramedic, Carolyn Southern - Salford Royal, Nick Corlett - GMP

To find out more about Safe Drive Stay Alive visit www.safedrivegm.co.uk.