20 December 2017 - Ambulance Technician Perfoms with Singing Superstars

Lewis qA Liverpool ambulance technician with a secret talent will be taking centre stage this evening during ITV’s ‘A Night for Emergency Services’ singing alongside superstars Michael Ball and Alfie Boe.

The North West Ambulance Service crew member, who went viral on Facebook earlier in the year after being filmed singing classical music outside an ambulance, was surprised by Diversity dancer, Ashley Banjo during his ambulance shift and was asked to take part in the special variety show celebrating our emergency services.

Lewis Quinn, 38, from Liverpool fell in love with classical music at the age of 16, he has sung in opera performances in the past but never on this scale. Lewis said: “It was such a fantastic experience, everyone treated me lovely and I was even chauffeured around in a Mercedes! It was a totally different world to me.

“Ball and Boe were really funny and kind and the orchestra I sang with were all members of the emergency services too which made it even more special. All my family, friends and colleagues are very excited to watch the programme but I think I’ll have to watch it later on catch up!”

Lewis is an Emergency Medical Technician based at Anfield so his usual day consists of attending emergencies and treating poorly people but the flashing lights from the stage were a little bit different to the blue lights and sirens he is used to.

Lewis’ Sector Manager, who also happens to be his brother, Gene Quinn said: “We’re all so proud of Lewis, he has a fantastic voice and I can’t wait to see him on the big stage. All of his colleagues are really excited too and I’m sure they’ll all be tuned in tonight or recording the show if they’re on shift!”

Catch Lewis and the other talented emergency services staff tonight in ‘A Night for Emergency Services’ from 9pm on ITV.