22 November 2017 - Road Safety Week

This year, Road Safety Week runs from Monday 20 November to Sunday 26 November and we're joining organisations up and down the country to tell drivers #SpeedDown.


It's not just speed that drivers need to be concerned with, there are so many different factors that can cause or contribute to a road traffic collision.


Over the past two weeks, young people across Greater Manchester have been invited to watch Safe Drive Stay Alive which has been held at Middleton Arena. The daily performances include representatives from NWAS and other emergency service and NHS staff, along with family members and victims of road traffic incidents, who speak about their heartbreaking experiences having to deal with such terrible incidents.


We spoke with two of the speakers - the first is Dean, the father of a young man who devestatingly lost his life behind the wheel. The second is Brooke who is still having to deal with the effects of being the victim of a hit and run, 10 years on.