7 November 2017 - Ambulance Service Honoured at Pride of Britain Awards

Paddy At Pride Of BritainThe paramedic who was first on the scene of the devastating attack in Manchester brushed shoulders with the stars at the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards where he was praised for his heroic actions.

Paddy Ennis, Advanced Paramedic for North West Ambulance Service joined a team of medical professionals from NHS Trusts across Manchester to represent all the medics who worked tirelessly to provide treatment and care to the hundreds of people injured in the blast.

The team were presented with a Special Recognition award by Prince William and Ed Sheeran. Judges commented on the courage of paramedics rushing into the aftermath, as well as the astonishing skill of the doctors and nurses, and the sheer love at the heart of it all which they said is “truly inspirational.”

Paddy said: “It was fantastic to be able to attend the event and represent all my colleagues at the ambulance service who did so much that night to provide care and compassion to those injured. It was incredible to hear how much support we have for the work we do.

“It was extremely humbling to speak to so many inspirational people and hearing their stories, I was even able to speak to some of the victims so that was a brilliant experience too.”

Paddy and the team were treated like stars for the evening with a red carpet entrance and VIP treatment.

Derek Cartwright, Chief Executive for NWAS, said: “I couldn’t be more proud of the exceptional work of the 300 members of staff who worked tirelessly that evening to give the best possible care to every single person who was injured.

“It’s extremely humbling that they have been recognised for these efforts at such a high profile event. Paddy is an absolute credit to our organisation and I’m glad that he was able to attend the event and represent the team.

“We pride ourselves on our fabulous staff work their socks off and do remarkable things every single day to help people in the community.”

See Paddy and the other Manchester medics receive their awards at the Pride of Britain Awards which will be aired tonight on ITV1 at 8pm.