Episode 2

Episode two of the BAFTA-winning Ambulance documentary featuring crews from Greater Manchester returns to BBC One on Thursday with focus on North West Ambulance Service’s busiest summer ever. 

At the start of a 12-hour night shift, a 999 call is made by mother in distress because her 19-year-old daughter is self-harming. Paramedics April and Clare are one of 96 crews on duty across the county that night, and they are immediately dispatched. They immediately set out to calm her and work out the most suitable place for her to go for further care. 

Advanced paramedic Luke is dispatched to a nine-year old boy who is feared to be in cardiac arrest. Luke has specialist training for the most serious cases - he arrives to find a family in distress and a child moving in and out of consciousness. Following this incident, Luke is dispatched to his next job - a five-year-old hit by a car. 

Meanwhile crewmates Gina and Jimmy are treating a 12-year-old who has had an accident at judo.  Their next patient is a man suffering with back pain, but after some pain relief he is able to make the trip to hospital and is extremely grateful for their help. 

In control the calls are unrelenting, Debbie is on the line to family of a patient in labour - ambulance crew Chris and Chris are the closest crew to the patient so they make their way over to help. 

Elly is on the line to a relative who has already been waiting for an ambulance for over an hour. With no ambulances available Elly must stay on the line to try to calm and reassure them - a task that takes a toll on her own emotions. Eventually an ambulance arrives, but her relief is temporary as the very next caller shouts abuse at her. 

April and Clare continue their night when a call comes into the control room from A&E to report that a patient has absconded. Could it be their self-harming patient from earlier that night? Clare goes on to reveal her own personal struggles with anxiety caused by a previous relationship. 

As dawn breaks the calls keep on coming for advanced paramedic Luke. He is dispatched to 19-year-old in labour, just weeks ahead of him becoming a dad! 

Ambulance is narrated by Christopher Eccleston and was filmed with crews based in Greater Manchester between May and July 2018. Each episode in the eight part series focuses on the work of ambulance staff and the patients they treat during one particular shift.

Watch Ambulance Episode 2 at 9pm on Thursday 25 October on BBC One.

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