Episode 3

Episode three of BBC’s Ambulance, narrated by Christopher Eccleston, focuses on the work of crews from North West Ambulance Service during a 12 hour shift. 

South Manchester based crew, Scott and Ana, are sent to a man who calls 999 repeatedly and moves around Manchester's canals on his barge. They take time to find out what lies behind his frequent calls. They are then sent to treat with a young lady who has found an unusual bite mark on her ankle after returning from a holiday in Thailand. 

When a member of the public phones in to report that a man is threatening suicide, ambulance crew Pragna and Amy are dispatched and arrive to find Scott and Ana's patient from earlier in the day. 

Elsewhere, Stockport based paramedics Sarah and Alan are called to a deal with a baby who has pulled a cup of hot tea off the kitchen surface. They need to get him to hospital urgently to treat the burns which will leave permanent scars. 

The night shift is suddenly disrupted when multiple 999 calls come in reporting a serious incident near the Trafford Centre. Thoughts quickly turn to the Manchester Arena attack and the constant fear of a repeat terror incident. However, as more information is relayed from the scene, it becomes clear that it is not terrorism but an extremely serious road traffic incident. Twelve vehicles are dispatched to the incident which impacts on how quickly other patients are responded to. 

Paramedics Amy and Pragna later go to a man who has been lying in his garden with a seized back for three hours - and have to apologise for the delays getting to him. On their final job of the night, they deal with a 68-year-old woman who they fear may have suffered a stroke. 

Ambulance was filmed with crews based in Greater Manchester between May and July 2018.

Watch Ambulance Episode 3 at 9pm on Thursday 1 November on BBC One.

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