12 December 2018 - Calling time on violence against ambulance staff!

Legh ArmsStaff and locals at the Legh Arms pub in Sale, Manchester, have called time on violence and aggression against ambulance staff, as they join in the #GetBehind999 campaign by being the first to take delivery of themed beer mats.

The trust launched the campaign last week with an online pledge asking the people of the north west to take a stand against an increasing epidemic of assaults, both verbal and physical, against those who are there to help.

Interim Chief Executive, Mick Forrest explains: “We launched the campaign after seeing a consistent, year on year rise in the number of assaults on ambulance staff and sadly, we know that for a good number of these, alcohol is a mitigating factor.

“We all like to have a drink, especially at this time of year, but when drinking to excess results in assaulting an ambulance crew, we want to call time.

“By placing these beer mats and posters in pubs around the north west, we hope to drive the message home that this behavior is unacceptable and having the support of pubs like the Legh Arms is fantastic!”

More than 800 people have signed the pledge so far, and the trust is asking more to sign and share to show emergency workers that they stand together,

In 2013/14 – trust staff reported 939 incidents of physical, verbal abuse and threatening behaviour, this has consistently risen year on year and in 2017/18, the figure stood at 1,249 and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

-          47 of these were sexual assaults

-          94 involved a blade

-          32 were racial abuse

-          26 involved a stick or a club

-          12 were incidents of religious abuse

-          466 were physical assaults

The Legh Arm was presented with a certificate for supporting the campaign and #GetBehind999 beer mats and posters.

Paul Naylor comments: “Some of our regulars work for the ambulance service and when I heard about the campaign, I was happy to help. It absolutely cannot be right that a paramedic can go to help someone and end up with broken bones. Everyone should be able to finish a day’s work without being abused and everyone here at the Legh Arms is definitely getting behind 999.”

NWAS has a limited number of beer mats and posters which are available to pubs and bars throughout the north west. If you would like some for yours, sign the pledge at /stop-abuse and submit your request, with your name and address in the comments box.