8 March 2019 - International Women's Day 2019 - Head of 111, Jacqueline Bell

DSC_0039Women need to celebrate their own value and inspire other women to feel empowered.”

This is the message from Jacqueline Bell, Head of NHS 111 for NWAS, as she joins the 2019 campaign for International Women’s Day.

Jacqueline, who has had a career spanning 29 years for the NHS said: “Women still face bias and inequality as a daily occurrence; through the promotion of the value women bring, women themselves can stand up together, celebrate their value and inspire other women to feel empowered.”

On Sunday March 8, women and men around the world will come together to celebrate the day dedicated to championing women’s achievements and challenging gender bias.

This year, the day’s campaign theme is #BalanceforBetter which sees women across the globe speaking out for driving gender balance around the world.

Jacqueline, based at NHS 111 in Bolton, said: “People inspired me to want the career I have – which may sound a little corny. But every day I am motivated by injustice, the desire to be better at what I do and to create an environment where staff, both male and female, can flourish.”

The former paramedic, originally from Lanarkshire in Scotland, is encouraging other women to pursue their dreams.

She said: “I would say to them; do it! Pursue it! Reach for it! But surround yourself with positive, supportive friends and family to experience the journey with you. Find a great mentor; they will be invaluable to you.”

Jacqueline, who will be 50 later this month, is working her way through a list of 50 things to do in her 50th year including working with the homeless.

She said recognition is a vital tool in getting the best from people regardless of their sex. Jaqueline named receiving a Star Award in a previous role as Regional Manager for Urgent Care in Wakefield as a highlight in her career.

Jacqueline said: “I was nominated by my team as an inspirational and supportive manager which meant a lot to me.

“In the future I would like to become an Operational Director before I retire, to try to influence from that level.

“Women possess immense talent and can enable businesses to achieve far more if they are empowered.”