8 March 2019 - International Women's Day 2019 - Head of Facilities Management, Anne El-Garidi

Anne“Find the thing you love the most and then find how to make a living out of it… once you’ve decided what that living is - then commit!”

Head of Facilities Management, Anne El-Garidi has used her years of experience in hotel management to help her as she took on the role of General Manager for NWAS’ headquarters, Ladybridge Hall back in 1997.

As the trust has expanded over the years, so has Anne’s responsibility and her latest challenge has been building a new facilities management team at our new Cheshire and Merseyside area office, Estuary Point.

Inspired by finding solutions and people with a passion for what they do, Anne believes that when people really commit that’s when great things happen.

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Anne says: “Women have great intuition and are generally, excellent communicators but often are filled with self-doubt which drives them to work harder.

It’s important to empower women as they make excellent leaders who listen to their teams whilst continually striving to improve.”