8 March 2019 - International Women's Day 2019 - Senior Clinical Quality Manager, Mary Peters

Mary“As women we can often put our dreams on hold because life gets in the way; and if you are looking for the perfect time to do something then you may be waiting forever.”

Senior Clinical Quality Manager, Mary Peters started her career with NWAS working as a paramedic in Wigan for around ten years before moving into clinical governance where she now leads two teams who provide specialist advice, assurance and governance for the trust.

They keep NHS England updated on the quality of our care and make sure that controlled drugs and medicines are supplied to ambulance stations across the region.

 Inspired by her two children and the people closest to her, Mary values honesty, integrity, curiosity and a decent sense of humour!

Mary says: “Speaking generally, I have observed that women more often seek permission rather than asking for forgiveness when working on their own initiative. There is an unwritten narrative, particularly in traditionally male dominated work places, that means women won’t seek for example a promotion opportunity if they don’t meet every single criteria on the person specification.

“Therefore, I would say International Women’s Day is less about empowering women, and more about helping them realise and accept that they are equally as empowered as the rest of the human race.”