11 May 2017 - Blackpool Paramedics Thanked for Outstanding Care by Four Year Old

TheoAn ambulance crew from Blackpool have been thanked by four year old Theo after they helped him when he was very poorly earlier in the year.

The crew from Blackpool included Paramedic, Osian Parry who travelled with little Theo in his Grandma’s car to hospital when he became unwell and didn’t want to be moved into the ambulance.
Theo often struggles with new people but felt immediately at ease with Osian who he has now invited to his birthday party!
Daley Thompson, an Emergency Medical Dispatcher from Wigan answered the 999 call from Theo’s very distressed Grandmother, Angela and was able to calm her down whilst they waited for help to arrive.
Theo has had health problems in the past and his grandmother was very worried when he became unresponsive in the car and his head was drooping down.

Paramedic, Osian Parry said: “It’s very humbling for Theo to come back and say thank you, especially when he has a history of not being able to speak to doctors and nurses. It’s great to see him so happy and healthy!”

On arrival, the crew decided that it would be best for Theo to keep him in the car whilst they travelled to hospital escorted by the ambulance following behind.
After making a full recovery, Theo made a special visit to Blackpool Ambulance Station where he was given a tour of an ambulance and was even able to sit in the driving seat and turn on the blue lights!

Daley Thompson, Emergency Medical Dispatcher who answered the 999 call said: “It’s great to be able to see Theo after helping his Grandmother on the phone when he was poorly. It’s sometimes very difficult not being able to see what’s happening but seeing Theo today makes me very proud to work for the ambulance service.”

Theo was also presented with a goody bag from North West Ambulance Service with a squishy ambulance and paramedic inside.